Creating a culture of confident and effective technology use that leads to continual school improvement

Cameron Nicholls

Consortium Chair

Consortium Chair's Welcome

Thank you for visiting ETCV.

We offer schools the opportunity to discuss, share, learn and ultimately improve school outcomes through the effective use of technology.

For Victorian schools there are many forums and organisations that provide IT specialists an opportunity to discuss, learn and share ideas and practice. Likewise, there are groups that cater specifically for teachers looking to integrate technology in their classrooms.

However too often, teachers describe returning from seminars and workshops enthusiastically bearing the technological panacea for improving learning only to be heartbroken when this ‘shiny new thing’ is not compatible with school infrastructure, security or management processes.

Likewise, IT specialists often commit significant financial, human and capital resources to build sophisticated, secure and powerful school networks only to be frustrated and dismayed when teachers and students use only a fraction of the systems features and overall capability.

ETCV strives to bridge the gap between teachers and technology specialist by providing a forum where together we can discuss, share and model best practice in order to improve school outcomes. We believe that it is only by fostering a partnership between IT specialists and teachers that schools can truly leverage the potential of technology.

ETCV invites Victorian schools to participate and learn from our Consortium. We look forward to connecting with your school.

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